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What is the best way to communicate to achieve success?

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This week I saw that the Introductory Certificate was now available online what an achievement for the APM!

Of course, this forms part of Strategy 2020 making APM products available to a wider range of people through an increasing number of channels.  It is part of a workstream strategy that was put before the board a while ago for validation. Then it has to be developed and tested before launching - much like any development lifecycle.

The timeline between a decision to do something and being able to see/ talk about a visible output is an interesting phenomenon in the project management world. There are those that like the detail that need to be advised of the minutiae of progress on a regular basis, and there is an increasing movement towards iterative development cycles across the board. And then there is the product at the end that you need to tell the world about! Who says what and when?

The first and most important part of this is making and defining the decision. By defining I mean clarifying the decision so that ambiguity is eliminated. The next step is communicating that decision to the interested parties and at this point it is useful to remember that communicating is a two-way street.

This is particularly important for those parties who will have actions/work following on from this discussion what happens next and who is responsible is key in this discussion, as well as expectations and checkpoints.

But first, make a decision and think what is the best way to communicate it to achieve success?


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  1. John Gordon
    John Gordon 09 August 2013, 01:55 PM

    Like most of the delivery of IT projects towards our 2020 vision the more silent the progress of the project the better from my point of view as board champion for IT. This has generally been the case with the huge amount of IT change at the APM over the last few years. It is those projects that are under control and making good progress that create the least noise in my normal experience. We have remained low key as this back room techie talk is not likely to shake the project professional world and move it on. There are more important messages to be got out in terms of the profession as a whole. But be sure we are there and doing it. The APM team is hard at work on many streams of process and technology integration to improve what APM has to offer and support those in and beyond our project community.We have a lot of systems integration to do with these new offerings and this project like many has involved a small group of our partners (training providers and exam takers) in testing the early releases and helping to smooth out any introduction issues. It is in this way that we can roll our new technology a little bit agile and with a positive successful introduction message. "Please now don't prove otherwise Introductory Certificate Online System!"However in reality what you see is the first phase delivery of a more extensive piece of work and the project team are still hard at work on phase two. By creating business cases that break the delivery into phases that recognise returned benefit we can make choice along the way as we discover things that might not have been evident at the start of the development process and tune the next phase to refine benefit and control cost.So the communication has been low key in the public domain until the system was rolled out tested, but has been notable in the close circle of partners with which we have worked in collaberation and whom have generously committed of time to make this project a successful launch. We can now look to seeing the end user take up and use across the Introductory Certificate market place.John GordonProject Technologies

  2. Furqan Ali
    Furqan Ali 14 December 2016, 05:30 AM

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