What is the best way to communicate to achieve success?

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This week I saw that the Introductory Certificate was now available online what an achievement for the APM!

Of course, this forms part of Strategy 2020 making APM products available to a wider range of people through an increasing number of channels.  It is part of a workstream strategy that was put before the board a while ago for validation. Then it has to be developed and tested before launching - much like any development lifecycle.

The timeline between a decision to do something and being able to see/ talk about a visible output is an interesting phenomenon in the project management world. There are those that like the detail that need to be advised of the minutiae of progress on a regular basis, and there is an increasing movement towards iterative development cycles across the board. And then there is the product at the end that you need to tell the world about! Who says what and when?

The first and most important part of this is making and defining the decision. By defining I mean clarifying the decision so that ambiguity is eliminated. The next step is communicating that decision to the interested parties and at this point it is useful to remember that communicating is a two-way street.

This is particularly important for those parties who will have actions/work following on from this discussion what happens next and who is responsible is key in this discussion, as well as expectations and checkpoints.

But first, make a decision and think what is the best way to communicate it to achieve success?


Posted by Fernande Van Schelle on 29th Jul 2013

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