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Working together to help create a world in which all projects succeed

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I had the pleasure of attending a workshop last week on behalf of APM to discuss how PRINCE2 and other 'swirl logo' products can be developed to help professionalise the global project management community.

AXELOS, the Joint Venture between Cabinet Office and Capita recently formed to market and develop the 'Best Practice' product suite, organised and facilitated the workshop, which was promoted in the public domain a couple of weeks ago.

In attendance were ex-Cabinet Office staff who developed the suite, user organisations such as HMRC and United Nations Operations, accredited training organisations, consultants accredited with the products, academics, careers advisors and, of course, professional bodies.

The meeting was very constructive, with the emergent goal of how we can act as a professional community to help organisations and individuals develop their delivery capability. This will involve more dialogue and more coordination.

PRINCE originally used the APM Body of Knowledge as a reference when it what first conceived and we have already produced a route to APMP for those with prior learning from PRINCE2 Practitioner. Hence, since we have just completed a fundamental revision to the 6th edition, it is perhaps time that we take a step back and look again at whether things could fit together in a more holistic way. The latest edition of the APM Body of Knowledge took the fundamental step of looking at each knowledge area through the respective prisms of projects, programmes and portfolios. Similarly, the 'swirl logo' products now include stand alone knowledge based qualification for programmes (MSP) and portfolios (PfM).

The APM Competence Framework, the guide that allows you to assess and benchmark an individuals competence as well as their knowledge, is also under revision by APM. As a professional body we will continue to look at how all the different professional development standards and accreditations fit into the competence framework and what the equivalences are.

We will continue to be 'the voice of the profession' and work with all our stakeholders to help develop 'a world in which all projects succeed'. I hope to see more of you on the journey.


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  1. John Gordon
    John Gordon 08 August 2013, 06:02 PM

    Success starts with listening to each other and understanding the needs and possible contributions of those that might be involved in a project or new venture. AXELOS is hardly out of the cot yet but it is talking and listening to a wide range of stakeholders a good place to start. There are many questions out in the market place as things are possibly entering a period of change. Let's not forget our change management theory here and accept that we may feel uncertain perhaps nervous at what might or might not happen. The market place and the users of the services offered by these qualifications will be the judge of the end result. Any new player would be right to listen and consider carefully the options before acting to ensure the customer remains engaged. This sounds exactly like what is happening. Keep on with the discussions and let's see where that leads before we get too concerned about what might or might not happen. While there is only a short time to January 2014 and a lot of money involved that is no different to many projects we see every day. So looking forward a plan will need to emerge and be communicated in due time....we all need to contribute where it is appropriate and watch this space. This project should succeed supported by listening and appropriate collaboration between stakeholders to help develop 'a world in which all projects succeed'! Keep calm and contribute in a useful and approprite way where you can.John 

  2. Brian Wernham
    Brian Wernham 29 July 2013, 03:40 PM

       Axelos: The biggest shake-up in project management good practice in 13 yearsI have blogged a status report here: Wernham FBCS RPP   

  3. Peter Parkes
    Peter Parkes 29 July 2013, 10:08 AM

    Brian, as a former examiner you will know that a lot of examination for PRINCE2 shifted to on-line assessment to help globalise.  Looking to the future, Axelos are likely to be busy exploring delivery options more than those for examination, particularly use of gaming technologies.  You may remember that APM also had a study group report on gamification, ran a feature on it in the last copy of Project, and there is an ongoing discussion thread on this site.

  4. Laura Taylor
    Laura Taylor 29 July 2013, 09:28 AM

    Hi Brian here is a link to the latest bulletin which has some further info.

  5. Brian Wernham
    Brian Wernham 28 July 2013, 01:11 PM

    Peter,Was there any indication on how Axelos will take on the running of the 'Swirl' examinations for PRINCE2, MSP, P3O etc.    I was a (part-time) APMG examiner a couple of few years ago, and I know how much blood, sweat (and tears?) was involved in getting the examinations process far, objective, certified, slick and beyond reproach...Brian Wernham FAPM RRP

  6. Rod Baker
    Rod Baker 25 July 2013, 05:54 PM

    PeterPrince did not "originally used the APM Body of Knowledge as a reference when it what first conceived".Please get your facts right!Rod