A Guide to Assurance of Agile Delivery

A Guide to Assurance of Agile Delivery










Successful agile projects are characterised by rapid, value-driven, iterative change cycles – and good project assurance, the latest guide from APM explains.

A Guide to Assurance of Agile Delivery shows how undertaking traditional assurance reviews can be adapted and adopted to ensure assurance activity of agile projects is both effective and valuable.

Written by the APM Assurance Specific Interest Group (SIG), the guide supports experienced assurance professionals who may be undertaking assurance of their first agile project.

The authors say: “This guide has been compiled in order to support those professionals in gaining an understanding of the ‘high level’ basics of agile, the differences in approach required to undertake effective assurance activity along with pointers to specific areas to look out for when conducting assurance reviews.”

Readers may also be interested in Directing Agile Change and A Guide to Integrated Assurance.

APM Knowledge would like to ask the project professional community to review A Guide to Assurance of Agile Delivery. If you are interested in this opportunity please contact publishing@apm.org.uk.

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Format: Paperback
ISBN-13: 9781903494707
ISBN-10: 1-903494-70-2
Author: APM Assurance SIG
Publication Date: 01-Oct-2017

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This book is well structured to provide a step by step process to successfully conducting an audit review. Each chapter is clearly set out to take you through the process. The approach, environments, governance and risk checklists provided at the end are a particularly useful summary of the key questions to ask.

A Guide to Assurance of Agile Delivery is useful not only for assurance professionals but also for project managers delivering agile projects. It gives succinct guidance on the key items required for good governance and successful outcomes using an agile approach.

A star rating of 5 for a straightforward concise book which delivers the information required in a clear format.

Christine Burt

Posted in Assurance
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