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APM Enabling Change Specific Interest Group


Specific Interest Groups (SIGs) discuss particular aspects of project management to further understanding and good practice.

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About this SIG

Change management is a structured approach to moving an organisation from the current state to the desired future state.

Definition from APM Body of Knowledge 7th edition 

Welcome to the Enabling Change SIG community.

The SIG was established in January 2014 to improve the change capability of organisations, teams and individuals.

The Enabling Change SIG is a highly collaborative SIG, supporting and enabling the change agenda across other SIGs, reaching out to SIG and APM members through the branches, and participating in change related discussions across the APM. 

We have a balanced focus on internal and external activities, establishing and developing partnerships with other relevant organisations and groups in order to ensure that we are at the forefront of thought leadership on change-specific topics.

Our mission

The Enabling Change SIG’s mission is to 'improve the change capability of organisations, teams and individuals'.

How we work

The Enabling Change SIG aims to develop and sustain individual practitioner, team and organisational change capability by facilitating access to and exploration of change methods, standards, case studies and good practices.

We have a growing collection of reference material on our website, and have produced an introductory guide.

We foster “Change Practitioner Groups”: communities of senior change practitioners in public and private sectors, academics and authors who wish to share their knowledge and experience, explore and address challenges and opportunities for enhancing the change capability of their organisations, teams and individuals.

We also conduct innovative research to support our work and generally advance the body of knowledge relating to enabling change.

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Featured resources

Change Management Professional Horizons for Success

We have developed this document to capture the existing routes and potential learning gaps into the Change Management profession. An ideal opportunity to review you, and your teams career path, how to start on your change management journey, or improve your knowledge, capability and mind-set in delivering successful change.

Enabling Change Case Studies

A collection of case studies on managing change collected from members of the APM, the Enabling Change SIG and others who have chosen to share their stories. 

Common Vocabulary

The “Change Capabilities and Methods Pillar” within the Enabling Change SIG has developed a common vocabulary for Change related terms to help everyone share the same definitions.

Change methodologies library

A collection and summary of the various Change Management Methodologies in use across our industry. The newly developed library includes explanation of the content, origins, uses and the unique elements of each.

Resources archive

APM People And Enabling Change Sig 1920X1080 Hero
Fearless change - Bringing your people with you on the journey: Conference learning legacy package

This joint SIG conference tackled the complex problems of how people respond to change.

Empathy map

A stakeholder analysis tool to help project professionals understand a stakeholder in more detail and this could include identifying the thoughts, feeling, behaviours, needs, actions, expectations and desires of the stakeholder. 

Featured book

Introduction To Managing Change 322X193
Introduction to Managing Change

APM’s Introduction to Managing Change has been published and is available to order. The book discusses the importance of managing change effectively in order to successfully deliver and realise the benefits of projects, programmes and portfolios.

Introduction to Managing Change is ideally suited to project professionals undertaking change programmes and projects, or those directing or sponsoring change.

SIG Podcast series - Change Management in Project Management

Interview with Freddie Stephenson, December 2023
🕑 10 mins

Interview with Paige Vitai, December 2023
🕑 12 mins

We’d like you to contribute; have a listen, and to share your ideas and comments, please get in touch.

News by this SIG

APM Enabling Change SIG News Thumbnail 245X150
APM Enabling Change SIG podcast series, interview with Freddie Stephenson
A talk about how change management is one of the most fundamental skills for any project manager to have, and the importance of consciously thinking about and honing these skills.
APM Enabling Change SIG News Thumbnail 245X150
APM Enabling Change SIG podcast series, interview with Paige Vitai
A talk about using stakeholder engagement to build back belief that a project can be achieved, and the importance of ensuring benefits are clear from the get-go.
APM Enabling Change SIG News Thumbnail 245X150
Making communications land - how to leverage the best mediums webinar
Reviewing how an awareness of your change delivery environment might impact and influence your selection of communication channels and their ultimate effectiveness.
APM Governance SIG News Thumbnail 245X150
Cracking the code of strategic misrepresentation: Revealing bias in project success webinar
Exploring why people misrepresent, and define a language for discussing misrepresentation. The content covered; 1.Conceptualise project success problems; 2.Understand strategic misrepresentation; 3.Learn about the behavioural drivers of strategic misrepresentation.
APM Enabling Change SIG News Thumbnail 245X150
Making communications land - Pertinence and proximity webinar
One of the most fundamental components in change delivery is communication. Explored: 1.What capacity does the recipient have and how should that shape our comms approach - Pertinence; 2. How crucial is there action at the time we send - Proximity; 3.How can we ensure what we communicated was received and understood as intended and how do we course correct.
APM Enabling Change SIG 500Px Outlined
Empathy - the secret ingredient to successful change engagement webinar
Explores the concept of empathy, explains the value of empathy when engaging with stakeholders, provides ideas to help you practice empathy, and offers practical guidance on effective empathy mapping.

Blogs by this SIG

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Movies, empathy and project success
Think back to the last time you watched a scary movie. There may have been tense pauses, dramatic music, mobiles running out of battery and groups splitting up. As the plot evolved, you likely became invested in the action on screen and felt anxious, scared and worried (even though there was no danger to yourself). Did you notice how the emotion expressed by the fictional characters influenced your own feelings?
Gettyimages 1347880350
Why change management is about more than stakeholder engagement
Project managers often confuse change management for stakeholder engagement and communications. This blog spells out the main difference: change management prepares your business for disruption, while stakeholder engagement informs and engages stakeholders about project outputs.  
Gettyimages 607477469
How to build team collaboration and become a project leader everyone loves
In his talk, business agility expert Glenn Smith highlights opportunities and activities to build collaboration between those leading the change and those delivering or experiencing it.
Gettyimages 1335872645 Clay
How to make great decisions and be a successful project manager
Matt Lawrence shares insights on how project professionals can use principles from neuroscience to transform themselves into more effective project managers.
Gettyimages 1084168408
Branding your projects for greater success
Matt applies concepts from branding and marketing to project management and explores the parallels between effective brands and successful stakeholder engagement.
Shutterstock 481978240
How to stay motivated during a project: recognise temporal landmarks
Staying motivated during a project can seem tricky, but recognising and celebrating time-bound achievements can boost positivity and productivity.

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