How APM can help

APM is committed to support project professionals throughout their careers, from planning their next move, through to reflecting on their latest learning. We are pleased to have a wide range of resources to help you with this.

If you would like to identify what your next move could be, why not try the APM Role Profiler? This handy tool can help to identify where in your career path you are, and highlight some options for further learning should you wish to progress, or deepen your competence in your current role. (*This tool is available only to individual members of APM*) 

The APM Role Profiler is based on the APM Competence Framework. This can also be used to help plan your learning by completing a self-assessment.

Once you have identified what you would like to learn, you can have a look at the huge range of APM resources and activities, from Project journal, insights into the latest developments in the field, through to volunteer opportunities, formal qualifications, and events and webinars.

To help identify different activities and for an indication on the average time that can be claimed for these, you can find a handy icon. More information on what can be included in your learning is available in formal and informal learning.

You can contact us with your CPD related queries on

Informal CPD

Informal CPD activities can include:

Formal CPD

Formal CPD activities will have one or more specific learning objectives. You may either be a participant/attendee/student, or trainer/presenter for these activities, and they can include:

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