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7 Oct - 🕑 48 mins

From the Frontline: Fast and furious at net-zero Formula E

In ‘From the Frontline’, Project journal editor Emma De Vita meets project professionals who are working on cutting-edge projects, and academics whose research is at the forefront of project management techniques. In this episode we meet Gemma Roura Serra, strategic planning director at ABB Formula E. Formula E is the world’s first all-electric single-seater car racing series, conceived to accelerate electric vehicle adoption and demonstrate leadership in the sports world by becoming the only sport to be net-zero carbon since inception.

20 Sep - 🕑 43 mins

How to thrive in your career as a woman

In this special episode to tie in with APM’s annual Think Differently conference, Emma De Vita, the editor of Project journal, speaks to three ambitious female project professionals to talk about how to have a thriving career despite the barriers that organisational or team culture still persistently put in the way of individual women – women who might also be contending with bias around race or age.

Think Differently conference

6 Sep - 🕑 56 mins

How to be a great communicator

In this episode, hosted by Mike Hine, online editor for APM’s Project journal, we’re looking at communication for project professionals. Communication is a vital condition for project success. However well-planned, a project will not run smoothly if stakeholders are left confused and under-informed as a consequence of inefficient communication.

10 Aug - 🕑 33 mins

From the Frontline: How to make better project decisions

In ‘From the Frontline’, Project journal editor Emma De Vita is meeting project professionals who are working on cutting-edge projects, and academics whose research is at the forefront of project management techniques. In this episode we meet Dr Natalie Marguet, a senior lecturer in leadership and organisational development at Liverpool John Moores University, and author of APM’s recent research paper Detect, Reflect and Adapt: Factors influencing critical project decisions.

26 July - 🕑 29 mins

From the Frontline: Lessons from the pandemic for better programme

In ‘From the Frontline’, Project journal editor Emma De Vita is meeting project professionals who are working on cutting-edge projects, and academics whose research is at the forefront of project management techniques. In this episode, we meet Emma Willson, who leads the National Audit Office’s Major Projects Delivery area of focus. She has worked at the NAO for almost 20 years, auditing a wide range of government programmes, from welfare reform to large-scale defence equipment projects.

12 July - 🕑 37 mins

From the Frontline: Life on Mars?
Project managing NASA’s Perseverance mission

In our From the Frontline season, Project journal editor Emma De Vita is meeting professionals who are working on cutting-edge projects, and academics whose research is at the forefront of project management techniques.

In this episode, we meet Jennifer Trosper, project manager for NASA’s Mars Perseverance project in its Jet Propulsion Laboratory in California. Jennifer has worked on NASA’s Perseverance programme for eight years.

26 May - 🕑 41 mins

From the Frontline: Leading the UK’s Vaccine Taskforce

In our From the Frontline season, Project journal editor Emma De Vita is meeting professionals who are working on cutting-edge projects, and academics whose research is at the forefront of project management techniques.

In this first episode, we meet Nick Elliott, who was director general of the UK’s Vaccine Taskforce for the UK government from its inception in April 2020 until the end of last year.

10 Aug - 🕑 33 mins

Contracts and collaboration in a post-COVID world

Contracts create legally binding obligations between the parties involved in a project.  They describe the nature of those obligations and the actions that can be taken if they are not met.  As such, the contract is a foundational document whose content will come to define the project and how the work unfolds.  It is there to provide certainty and protection to the parties.  But in a post-COVID world, there may be an opportunity for contracts to be used to create ongoing collaborative relationships, rather than simply defining strict requirements and being regarded as a tool to give parties leverage in the event of acrimony.

13 May - 🕑 52 mins

Why sustainability should be on every project professional’s agenda

As governments worldwide set targets on reaching net-zero carbon, project professionals are being tasked with rethinking working practices to cut emissions. Everything from planning to procurement to team structures is being re-evaluated to meet sustainability targets. But it’s worth remembering that sustainability encompasses more than climate change. It means balancing the environmental, social, economic and administrative aspects of projects to meet current stakeholder needs, without compromising the needs of future generations.

Far from being an additional burden on project professionals, sustainability presents an opportunity for them to demonstrate their value in aligning with corporate strategic objectives around net zero. By embedding sustainability within every aspect of their projects, project professionals can make a big difference and boost their visibility to the organisation’s leadership.

In this episode, Mike Hine, online editor for APM’s Project journal, speaks to three experts working in the field of sustainability to find out more: Paul Mansell, independent major projects adviser Giulia Jones, sustainability manager, Mace Stuart Johnson, director, Stuart Johnson Consulting

1 Apr - 🕑 47 mins


Your salary and future prospects revealed

This episode delves into the findings and analysis of the APM Salary and Market Trends Survey 2021 in more detail, with a focus on salary, job satisfaction, diversity and inclusion, economic confidence and more. 

It’s been an enormously challenging 12 months for every sector of the economy. Project professionals felt the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic from day one, with plans, teams and working practices suddenly thrown into disarray. Project and programme managers have risen to the challenge of the past 12 months by not only keeping existing work on track, but also spearheading crucial efforts to fight back against the pandemic and get the economy moving.


In the ‘Project Innovators’ season of podcasts, Project journal editor Emma De Vita is speaking to project professionals who are leading projects in an innovative way at a time when many of us are hoping the world of work and projects can be reset for a post-COVID-19 world.

24 Mar - 🕑 42 mins

Project Innovators: Bent Flyvbjerg on how to make your project a success

In this final episode of the Project Innovators season, Project journal editor Emma De Vita speaks to Bent Flyvbjerg, the first BT professor and inaugural chair of major programme management at the University of Oxford’s Saïd Business School.

Bent is one of the big names from the world of project management. He works for the better management of megaprojects and this is the subject which we delve into here, from optimism bias when it comes to cost and benefits estimation to strategic misrepresentation by project champions (otherwise known as bending the truth to secure the go-ahead on a megaproject). The solution? In part, a technique called reference class forecasting.

12 Mar - 🕑 34 mins

Project Innovators: How to bring strategy and projects closer together

In this episode, Project journal editor Emma De Vita meets Antonio Nieto-Rodriguez, who is on a mission to champion project management as a central issue for every CEO. He is the author of Lead Successful Projects, published by Penguin, and he is also a Harvard Business Review author and has been recognised by Thinkers50 as an influential global business thinker.

25 Jan - 🕑 42 mins

Project Innovators – How to deliver under pressure (and win an award at the same time)

The latest in our Project Innovator series is now live; in this episode Project editor Emma De Vita meets Benjamin Hooper, programme and project manager at Heathrow Airport, whose project won APM’s 2020 Overall Project of the Year. The project, to create a counter-unmanned aerial system (or anti-drone system) embraced innovative ways of thinking and managing for the project team, who were tasked with finding an immediate solution to the drone threat in the airport’s airspace.

11 Jan - 🕑 37 mins

Project Innovators – How to professionalise through collaboration

The latest in our Project Innovator series is now live; in this episode Jo Stanford, at Health Education England, shares her experiences of raising professional PM standards across the NHS. Jo has used innovative techniques to achieve greater collaboration and there are valuable lessons for organisations of all sizes in this podcast. 

Not only is she trying to knit together a network of project managers across 40 NHS organisations, but she also needs to identify who is doing project work in the first place. 

4 Jan - 🕑 36 mins

Project Innovators – Jenny McLaughlin, Heathrow

In this episode, Project editor Emma De Vita discusses diversity and inclusion with Jenny McLaughlin, a project manager at Heathrow Airport, who is also its disability network lead. Jenny is innovative in the way she threads inclusivity through every part of the projects she manages. She says project managers are the best people to deliver change, and with true support from Heathrow’s executive team, she’s showing what diversity means for projects when you take it beyond a cursory tick-box exercise.

By asking difficult questions every step of the way, she and her team are creating a sense of belonging for everyone on a project. How is she doing it? And what lessons can she share with other project managers who are serious about making inclusion real? Listen to find out more.

16 Oct - 🕑 46 mins

Project Innovators – Matthew Moran, The Open University

In this episode she speaks to Matthew Moran, Head of Transformation at The Open University, and occasional lecturer in the OU Business School. Matthew is one of the educators on the ‘Project Management: Beyond the Basics’ course on FutureLearn, a collaboration between the OU and APM. He is also an advisor and consultant to a number of education institutions and edtech startups and companies.

Matthew is writing a book on hybrid project management for APM, aiming to help project managers to do hybrid better. Instead of being irreconcilable opposites, he argues that project managers need both linear and agile for projects of any degree of complexity – and that the best results are achieved when we acknowledge the need for both, and when we aim to get the best of both (by understanding and making trade-offs between the upsides and downsides of each).

5 Oct - 🕑 42 mins

Project Innovators – Caroline Raynor, Costain

In episode one, we meet Caroline Raynor, project manager and principal archaeologist for the Costain Skanska JV, who designed and led the Saint James’s Gardens excavation in London's Euston as part of work for HS2’s London terminus.

It is the largest archaeological excavation of a burial ground in Europe, and HS2 as a whole is probably the largest programme of archaeological works driven by a single project in recent times. Caroline has pulled off an amazing feat in that she not only borrowed lean principles from the world of manufacturing, but also actively encouraged a far more gender-balanced project than the norm, with a 43 per cent female demographic on-site. 


4 Dec - 🕑 23 mins

Crisis Talks – Lessons from lockdown - the best of 'Crisis Talks'

In this episode, we look back on 2020 and reflect on some key project management lessons from a turbulent 9 months.

Soon after the first UK lockdown in March, we founded this podcast to share the stories of project professionals who were managing, adapting and pivoting their projects to meet the demands of the COVID-19 pandemic.

We dubbed series one ‘Crisis Talks’, and each episode was presented by Project journal editor Emma De Vita. Our hope was that we would end up with a valuable resource during a time of crisis for project professionals, who were doing their best to navigate a situation that almost none of us had imagined happening. 

11 Aug - 🕑 34 mins

Crisis Talks – Joanna Rowland, director of HMRC’s COVID-19 Response Unit

In the episode we meet Joanna Rowland, director of HMRC’s COVID-19 Response Unit, responsible for the department’s strategic approach to the pandemic. 

Joanna is the senior responsible officer in charge of delivering the chancellor’s flagship economic interventions, the Job Retention and Self Employment Income Support schemes, as well as the new Eat Out to Help Out and Job Retention Bonus schemes. Joanna is also the head of the project delivery profession for HMRC and a Fellow of APM.

27 Jul - 🕑 30 mins

Crisis Talks – Andrew Higson, Balvac

In this episode we meet Andrew Higson, a project manager at Balvac, part of the Balfour Beatty Group, which is a specialist in the repair, strengthening, refurbishment and protection of buildings and civil structures.Andrew manages the successful delivery of infrastructure projects.

His current project – Palatine Road – is being undertaken on behalf of Highways England. It involves significant temporary propping to facilitate critical repairs to 15 piers, which carry both carriageways of the M60 across the River Mersey in Greater Manchester.

13 Jul - 🕑 44 mins

Crisis Talks – Paul Hilton, Mott MacDonald

In this episode, Emma De Vita (editor of APM’s Project journal) speaks to Paul Hilton, programme director at global engineering, management and development company Mott MacDonald.

Paul lives in Singapore and oversees the delivery of 13 Future Cities projects across nine cities in six countries in South-East Asia. The programme aims to promote inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all.

30 Jun - 🕑 32 mins

Crisis Talks – Hannah Gledhill, Hotel Chocolat

In this episode, Emma De Vita (editor of APM’s Project journal) speaks to Hannah Gledhill, senior project manager at Hotel Chocolat.The British chocolatier has small project team focused primarily on product development. 

Just prior to lockdown, it had begun a process of transformation, working closely with the Kaizen Institute to foster a culture of continuous improvement and greater efficiency.

16 Jun - 🕑 37 mins

Crisis Talks - Sonia Sharma, 
Channel 4

In this episode, we speak to Sonia Sharma, head of planning and corporate PMO at Channel 4.

Sonia explains the challenges of working within an organisation of low project management maturity, where staff are sometimes resistant to the structures and governance she is trying to implement.

11 Apr - 🕑 45 mins

Crisis Talks - Lizzie  Meadows, Quadram Institute Bioscience

In episode one of our first season, Crisis Talks, Emma De Vita (editor of APM’s Project journal) speaks to Lizzie Meadows, a project manager at Quadram Institute Bioscience (QIB), whose biorepository project went live just as coronavirus hit the UK.

The project has since been able to provide crucial resource and support to QIB genome sequencing scientists’ contribution to the COVID-19 Genomics UK Consortium. 


8 Jun - 🕑 41 mins

The evolving definition of project ‘success’

In this episode, hosted by Project journal online editor Mike Hine, our topic is project success, and how the definition of success is evolving to fit the challenges of the 2020s and beyond. At a time when the country is looking to build back better post-pandemic, projects will play a major role in determining the UK’s economic future. They are truly vital to the UK’s success on many fronts. But with so much riding on these projects, we need to ensure they succeed.

Historically, projects have notoriously struggled to hit their targets. So perhaps it’s time to revisit the very notion of project success. What constitutes a successful project? What are some of the most fundamental factors that underpin success? And has the project profession moved beyond the age-old metrics of time, cost and quality?

Thanks to our panel of experts:

Katie McConochie, founder of training consultancy Learn Change Mhairi Creanor, education and skills project manager at Zero Waste Scotland Aga Gajownik, founder of Scrum Educational Experience and Innovation & Integration

All of the contributors to this podcast are presenting at our Power of Projects virtual conference, which runs from 7-11 June, with a focus on redefining project ‘success’ for a post-pandemic world.

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24 Feb - 🕑 50 mins

How to make better use of project data

This episode features contributors from academia and industry talking on the issue of project data analytics, what it means for project management and how it can benefit the delivery of successful projects. The data theme is an extension of ideas and discussion points from our Projecting the Future campaign and more recently, the Data Analytics Working Group, including the report Project Data Analytics: the state of the art and science.

Project data analytics also features as one of the Dynamic Conditions for Project Success, launched at the Power of Project Conference in June.

9 Nov - 🕑 60 mins

How to be a great leader

In this episode, our topic is how to be a great project leader. We pin down exactly what it means to lead a project and how this role is evolving to reflect the changing nature of projects and obviously in 2020, the pressures of the Covid pandemic. In this podcast, host Emma De Vita, editor of Project journal, asks how a project leader needs to behave to be highly effective, and what mindset you need to thrive in this role. APM’s 7th edition of its Body of Knowledge defines project leadership as: providing vision, direction, feedback and support so people can do their best work. And to do this in an environment of change and uncertainty. Project leadership is usually performed with limits on a project leader’s power requiring them to adopt a style that builds team and wider stakeholder commitment. 

10 Sep - 🕑 46 mins

VUCA, hybrid and adaptability: reflections on BoK7

In this episode, our topic is the APM Body of Knowledge. The seventh edition of this core text for the profession was published in 2019. One year on, the book’s co-editors – Dr Ruth Murray-Webster and Professor Darren Dalcher – co-host an episode that reflects on the changes and updates made to the seventh edition. They discuss the considerable challenges and responsibilities of updating what they describe as a “foundational knowledge document” for the profession. They consider the background and context to BoK7, the significant changes it introduced and the future of project-based management in an uncertain world.

25 Aug - 🕑 59 mins

How COVID-19 changed project management – Debbie Dore and Sue Kershaw

What is the future of project management as the world moves into the next stage of the COVID-19 crisis? And what are the risk factors and opportunities going forward, both for individuals and the profession?

Taking a future-focused approach, in this episode, we hear from our chief executive, Debbie Dore, and president, Sue Kershaw, about the ‘new normal’. From remote working to people management, 

8 Jun - 🕑 40 mins

The Golden Thread: recognising the contribution of project management

In this podcast, host Emma De Vita (editor, Project journal) asks: what’s the big-picture take on project management in the UK? Is the profession given the serious recognition it deserves? And what does the future hold for project management amid the ongoing global pandemic?

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