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Do I qualify?

“I have at least five years’ experience working in a project practitioner role.”


“I have attained either the APM PPQ or PQ qualification.”  

APM Full membership grants professional recognition to those who can demonstrate the required level of competence. If you have over five years’ experience as a project management professional, you are eligible to apply for Full membership.

Alternatively, holders of the APM Project Professional Qualification (PPQ) or the APM Practitioner Qualification (PQ) automatically qualify for Full membership.

How to apply

Follow the link below to start your application. You will need to provide project details and two professional referees.

If you have PPQ or PQ, call our membership team for an application form on: 01844 271681.

Guidance notes

Annual subscription: £165

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Reetu Kansal

Senior project manager: Student Services

Reetu's story

Jonathan King

Project manager, Uniserve

Jonathan's story

Ewelina Kruk

Project manager, Gardiner & Theobald 

Ewelina's story


  • Professional recognition

Full members may display the post-nominals MAPM. These are recognised widely as a symbol of dedication and achievement in the project profession, which can give you the edge when tendering for new business, networking and seeking employment.

  • Project journal

The quarterly award-winning Project journal is delivered to all Full members. Inside, you will find case studies, discussions, interviews and news from the most intriguing areas of project management. Complement your knowledge and experience with global examples of project management in action.

  • Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

Attending events is a great way to fulfill your CPD and to open yourself to valuable networking opportunities. Full members can attend over 200 events around the UK annually for free.

  • Knowledge resources

Full membership gives you access to APM’s online library. Full of specific interest and study guides, the library is there to support Full members from many different roles and sectors.

  • Career progression

The APM Role Profiler is an essential tool for those looking to progress to a new role. It gives personal feedback regarding your areas for development, helping you structure your learning and reach the next level of your career.

  • Involvement in the APM board

Full members play an active role in APM by voting in board elections and at annual general meetings (AGMs). To further influence the profession, Full members may also stand for election to the APM board and hold a range of volunteer roles in the association.

  • Discount on APM qualifications

Full members receive discounts on the suite of APM qualifications. Use these to demonstrate your competence to employers.

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