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APM’s Car-Free Friday events have been encouraging employees to give up their cars in favour of walking, cycling, car-sharing or taking public transport to get to work.

The recurring events have resulted in fewer cars on the road and a greater appreciation among APM employees of how they can take positive action on climate change.

“The Car-Free Friday initiative is part of APM’s commitment to minimise its impact on the environment,” said Debbie Dore, chief executive. “Not only does it help cut the amount of CO2 produced by people travelling to and from work, but it also helps everyone become more aware of environmental issues and how small steps, taken together, can add up to a big difference.”

To make it as easy as possible for people to take alternative forms of transport to work, APM offered flexible start and finish times while encouraging colleagues to collaborate to ensure their departments were still covered.

Chelsea Taylor, marketing campaign co-ordinator, is one of many APM employees who took the opportunity to car-pool to work. She said: “It makes you realise that everyone can make a positive difference. It’s also a good way to get to know colleagues.”

Car-Free Friday is just one of the ways APM is taking action on climate change. The organisation is also committed to using sustainable materials, using less energy and recycling.

Posted on 18th Oct 2019
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