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APM rebranding core products

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Posted by Kirsten on 24th Nov 2016

The Association for Project Management has updated the names of its qualifications to provide a clear and coherent pathway for candidates to reach the next step in their career, while demonstrating to corporates and businesses the progression of their project professionals.

The qualifications will now be known as:

The suite of qualifications now provide a coherent and clear journey for those accessing the profession and helps professionals with previous experience gauge which exam is correct for them.

Starting at the fundamentals of project management the suite of qualifications develops candidate’s skills and gradually builds in management skills through the PMQ and finally provides the knowledge and skills needed to achieve the sought after status of a project professional through PPQ.

Once this is achieved project professionals may go on to join the register of project professionals by applying for APM Registered Project Professional (RPP) status. 

The rebrand has also shown to help professionals discover APM's qualifications. SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) testing has demonstrated the intuitive new names are far more discoverable allowing those who are looking to take the next step in their career discover the best route for them. 

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