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On Thursday 3 September 2020, Jon Burke explored how we can better engage teams during integration. During the webinar we saw why integrations tend to fail with reasons such as the use of a poor process, focused on project not on integration and cultural mis-match challenges.

In a poll during the webinar we saw that 52% of respondents were involved in an integration over recent times.

Focusing on the engagement and communication and change plans is the key to successful integrations, whilst ensuring the people impacted are bought into the journey.

Jon discussed some key lessons for the listeners:

  1. Seeking and delivering value to ensure the new business is set up for success from the start
  2. Identify your key success factors
  3. Focus on people-related factors
  4. Take an Integration Management Office (IMO) approach focused on integration
  5. Bring maturity into the conversation
  6. Have a day one planning focus

Going forward the balance is around activating value, executing rigorously and transfer knowledge whist keeping a firm view of the human element such as emotional response and readiness.

We received a lot of questions from the listeners which focused on all sorts, such as how existing PMOs can adapt to the role of IMO when both are needed. Jon talked about the importance of having the skills in the team so if integrations and acquisitions are part of the company strategy, maybe add it as a new stream of services to your Service Catalogue.
Do not get to hung up about the name, focus on the value you can add.

Also, the questions arose around the pace with which integrations need to happen, as we are often not aware of them until they are upon us. This time Jon explained that people prefer to know that something is coming down the pipeline even if we don’t know all the information. And where traditionally acquisitions are secretive by nature, this is something that can be fixed with NDAs so changing the mindset and treating our employees like adults is a sure-fire way of getting everyone prepared for what is coming.

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Having worked in senior marketing roles across a number of leading businesses, Jon Burke has a wealth of experience in driving internal communications activities, particularly with regards improving awareness in areas such as employee branding, project management progress as well as post-acquisition integration. Having helped departments such as HR, Project Management and Customer Support market themselves better and raise their profile within businesses, he is able to share insights for achieving best practice when marketing internally.


Webinar resources

Jon has very kindly allowed his presented material to be made available for viewing. The slides on Slideshare and the webinar recording on YouTube is now available in our APM resources area and also embedded below for reference.

This webinar is suitable for professionals with an intermediate to advanced level of experience.


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Posted on 3rd Sep 2020
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