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From SIGs to networks - PMO

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This month, the APM announced that new and exciting changes are coming to APM’s volunteering offering in 2024 that will maximise and diversify opportunities to volunteer with the chartered body for our profession.

Network Volunteer roles
New and exciting changes are coming to APM’s volunteering offering.


In addition to task and finish groups being created for specific pieces of work, there are changes coming to the existing structure of volunteering groups. In particular, Specific Interest Groups (SIGs as we know them) becoming ‘Interest Networks’.

The APM website states that:
“Interest Networks, previously Specific Interest Groups (SIGs), are thought leaders in their chosen subjects. They champion exploration and advancement in their specialism with their finger firmly on the pulse of what is around the corner.

In 2024, APM will be launching an online space for each Interest Network to meet, network and discuss topics most pressing in their field. APM Members will have early access to this platform from Spring 2024.

This online space will maximise the exposure of conversations and developments pertinent to project professionals in specific areas and allow new opportunities for a broader international range of project professionals to get involved.”

Why change?
We are proud that the APM PMO Specific Interest Group is one of the longest standing groups, that joined the APM following its inception as a privately administered group. The team at the time made the decision to join the APM as it was felt that this was the place to really bring PMO into the forefront of our industry, and that faith was rewarded with some key milestones for the PMO SIG including:

  • Inclusion of a PMO of the Year Award
  • Addition of PMO roles into the Competence Framework
  • Inclusion of PMO as a term and chapter in the Body of Knowledge
  • Growth in our PMO community to over 6,000 people (Twitter)

The current committee is excited about the changes announced by the APM as it will create a more open and transparent volunteering process, removing:

  • A long winded and often intimidating committee nomination process
  • The lack of flexibility in resources (all of which are volunteers) and their availability
  • Duplication of effort by SIGs and Branches as plans will be more transparent
  • The ‘closed door’ appearance of some of the groups that exist already

There are lots of reasons that now is the best time to make these changes leading to better alignment with the APMs five dimensions of professionalism giving us and you:

A more open network of volunteers with easier access giving more breadth to the knowledge within the interest groups

A more clear and transparent process for leadership roles to be fulfilled giving more accountability to those in positions

A more realistic view of volunteering commitment giving the opportunity for easy ad hoc support when people have the bandwidth

A more comprehensive event management process reviewed by an independent body to ensure that the we are doing the right things for the

APM ensuring depth in the approach of justifying and managing business cases

A better way to manage day to day events, ensuring that volunteers are proud and feel a sense of achievement having helped with one thing as opposed to failing each year with a completely unrealistic business plan

What does this mean for the existing SIG?
On Monday 1 April the SIG will become an Interest Network. Existing committee members have already noted their interest in remaining in the network, and how they prefer to continue to be involved.

The annual planning will be a more agile and iterative process throughout the year, allowing for more flexibility to adapt as the industry demands new thinking thanks to the new APM Volunteer Delivery Group.

An important part of any PMO journey is transparency. And with the enhanced transparency we are confident that there will be more opportunities to collaborate with other groups within the APM family (and beyond).

All in all, this is a move adapting the APM volunteering to the current world. Utilising more open networks in a more agile way, paving the way for more volunteers from different walks of life and different experience levels which can only be a good thing.

Emma-Ruth Arnaz-Pemberton


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  1. Chris Walters
    Chris Walters 11 January 2024, 10:39 PM

    As a past (and proud of it!) chair of APM PMOSIG, I'd be interested to hear what these changes actually mean for members. Will there be events still?