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Navigating Difficult Conversations on Projects Webinar

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This Webinar explored the art of engaging in difficult conversations, equipped project leaders with practical strategies and insights that align with the principles and practices advocated by the APM Body of Knowledge. Marion Thomas, experienced PM, speaker, certified coach,ChPP mentor, and trainer in leadership, led this discussion on 27 September 2023.

We explored how to engage in those challenging conversations that are often necessary for project success whilst also protecting ourselves professionally.

As project leaders, we understand the importance of effective communication and how it can significantly impact project success. However, sometimes, we find ourselves faced with challenging conversations that require finesse and skill to handle. In this talk, we delved into the art of engaging in difficult discussions while also safeguarding our professional integrity.

Throughout the project lifecycle, project leaders often encounter situations where they must initiate or participate in tough conversations with various stakeholders, customers, team members, and other involved parties. These conversations may range from addressing conflicts and disputes to becoming the messenger of undesirable news that can expose us to potential backlash. On the other hand, some project leaders may intentionally introduce a level of non-hostile positive conflict to encourage innovative thinking and creativity within the project.

In this engaging session, we provided valuable insights and actionable strategies to empower project leaders to navigate such challenging conversations effectively. Our expert speakers shared practical tips on how to approach these situations with confidence, ensuring the best possible outcomes for both the project and our colleagues.

Marion has very kindly allowed her presented material to be made available for viewing. The slides on Slideshare and the webinar recording on YouTube is now available in our APM resources area and also embedded below for reference.

Questions raised during the recording are being reviewed and will be published with the speaker responses in the next few days.

Host - Abdul Moiz

An Industrial Engineer and Project Manager by Profession, an Entrepreneur by Heart. As a project manager Adbul has worked in different sectors like education, marketing and ecommerce. He started his entrepreneurial journey from 2018 and up-till now, he has founded different startups named as Tutors Gateway, Skills4u, Zumy and Waakhly.

Over the years Abdul has won multiple recognisable awards in field of entrepreneurship and successfully completed Founder Institute Program (American business incubator, entrepreneur training and startup launch program) and incubation-acceleration program at National Incubation Centre Peshawar, Pakistan. He recently completed 6-month Forward Program of McKinsey & Company a global management firm. Abdi; has a keen interest in strategic management, event management and business development due to his management and voluntarily work he’s currently serving voluntarily as member in Association for Project Management, South East Branch.

Speaker - Marion Tomas

Marion has spent 30 years as a freelance project/programme manager working across a wide range of industries (proving just how transferrable PM skills are).

She’s usually called in when a business knows what it wants to achieve but doesn’t know how to get there, or when things have gone a ‘bit off the rails” and help is needed.

Having become known for getting 20% more from her team, she developed a framework that puts people and leadership at the heart of project management and complements the more traditional/technical PM methodologies. She founded ExtraordinaryPM in 2016 and now trains and mentors other PMs to be more successful, feel more fulfilled, prioritise their well-being, and, most importantly, become great leaders.

She also mentors ChPP applicants and provides consultancy and training to a variety of clients requiring help with leadership and other PM skills.

She is a Chartered Project Professional, a Fellow of the Association for Project Management, regularly speaks for both APM and PMI, and is a certified coach.

ExtraordinaryPM was an APM award finalist in 2020.


This event was ideal for professionals with any level of experience

APM Body of Knowledge 7th edition reference
3.3.6 Continuing Professional Development (CPD)


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