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Posted by Annie Tolputt on 23rd Aug 2017

APM’s autumn edition of Project journal features an exclusive interview with bestselling-author and change-management guru Dr John Kotter whose seminal work Leading Change, first published in 1996 remains the go-to guide for change managers.

The interview brings together insights from Kotter’s experience of delivering change and shines a light on how the world around us is changing and what we must do to take control.

Kotter told Project: “I became convinced that one of the most important factors behind why some people outperform others is how well they can handle a fast-changing world.”

According to Kotter project managers should look to employ three strategies to keep their change projects on track – involve lots of people, win over their hearts as well as their minds, and give them the freedom to act.

But he also advises bringing in change management specialists, especially for complex change projects, saying “complex change initiatives tend not to be at the heart of project management” and “any project management organisation that doesn’t have change management expertise is taking a risk”.

To date Kotter has sold more than one million copies of Leading Change since it was published in 2006, and Time Magazine listed it as one of the top 25 most influential business management books of all time.

A Harvard professor, Dr John Kotter is widely considered the foremost authority on the topics of leadership and change. He is a prolific writer who has authored 20 books including 12 bestsellers.

With 50 years’ experience since his interest in change was first sparked at the Massachusetts institute of Technology (MIT), few people can match his knowledge of change management.

Kotter added: “I wish change leaders could go with me on my research trips so that they could see for themselves what works and what doesn’t work.”

Read the full interview in the autumn issue of Project. As an APM member you will receive your free copy of Project journal. If you're not yet a member, join now.

Want to know more about Dr John Kotter and managing change? APM’s soon-to-be published Introduction to Managing Change explores Kotter’s work spanning over 25 years including his world-renowned eight-step change model for helping managers deal with transformational change.  Pre-order your copy now.

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