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Videos from the Contracts and Procurement Guide

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As you are probably aware, the long awaited ‘APM Guide to Contracts and Procurement’ was launched in July 2017 at a conference in London. This conference was recorded on video and the results have been edited down to contain the practical nuggets of wisdom from the presenters. Each chapters video was progressively released throughout the following year to maintain awareness of the guide.

The first of these is The Introduction by Dr Jon Broome:


In it, you will learn :

  • why knowledge and skill in contracts and procurement matter if you want to be an effective project manager;
  • about modern developments in procurement which affect the delivery of projects and programmes you may become involved in;
  • why it will only become more important to your career.

The second, is the chapter Concept and Feasibility by Dr Jon Broome:


In it, you will learn :

  • the overview of the process chart;
  • why project managers and procurement people need to be involved at this stage;
  • a few war stories to illustrate good and bad practice.

 The third, is the chapter Project Procurement Strategy by James Buckley-Walker:

In it, you will learn :

  • assessment of the internal capacity of the employer organisation or the external potential to provide the package;
  • the nature of the relationship sought with the potential provider;
  • the most appropriate high-level contracting strategy;
  • the provider selection strategy to be employed;
  • the scope of and interfaces and interdependencies between of each package to be defined.

 The fourth, is the chapter Package Contracting Strategy by Anne Holden:

In it, you will learn :

  • an overview of the process for developing a package’s contract strategy;
  • how to illustrate the strategy through ‘war stories’;
  • a high level overview of the different contract strategies available.

The fifth, is the chapter Prepare Contract Terms by Alastair Greenan:


In it, you will learn :

  • what you need in place before you begin (inputs);
  • an overview of the Guide's Process Chart;
  • how to effectively brief the team;
  • considerations on Legal Context and Form of Contract;
  • developing the Contract Requirements and ensuring effective review.

The sixth, is the chapter Select Provider and Award the Contract by John Lake:


In it, you will learn :

  • give an overview of the process for developing a package’s cotract strategy;
  • illustrate it with ‘war stories’;
  • discuss in more detail, the different approaches for final selection and relate them to the E U procurement reg;
  • use the same projects as in the contract strategy session for a short exercise on selecting providers.

The seventh, is the chapter Manage and Deliver the Contract by John Lake:

In it, you will learn :

  • your role as a PM in the delivery of contracted packages;
  • making an assessment when you start;
  • the delivery process;
  • the most common pitfalls (gotchas!);
  • how to use the Contracts and Procurement Guide to help during delivery.

 The eighth and final, is the chapter Contract Closure, Cutover Operation and Support by Alastair Greenan:


In it, you will learn :

  • When does a project end?
  • When/how to prepare for contract closure?
  • What do you need to close-out?
  • What is needed for handover?
  • The three types of ‘closure’.
  • Planning for closure, handover, operation and support
  • Managing potential damage clauses, stakeholders and client expectations.

"APM Guide to Contracts and Procurement: For Project, Programme and Portfolio Managers"
offers a basic understanding of ‘how to’ procure sub-project works and to manage delivery through the phases of the procurement life cycle.

The eight video chapters of the guide have been published on our youtube playlist.



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