2015 Benefits Management Survey

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The Benefits Management SIG would like to obtain information from members of the SIG on the extent to which benefits management is being adopted in your organisations and the difference it is making. To do this, we are asking you to complete a very short survey (only 10 questions, most of which require a 'tick box' answer).

The survey is about benefits management in the context of project, programme and portfolio (P3) management in organisations. We use the APM Body of Knowledge (6th edition) definition of benefits management as 'the identification, definition, planning, tracking and realisation of business benefits', where a benefit is 'a positive and measurable impact of change'.

A similar survey undertaken in 2014 has helped us in prioritising our SIG workstreams, but it only achieved a low response rate. We hope that this time more SIG members will participate, and also that we can start to build up a time series of data on the questions posed. The results of the 2015 survey will be summarised and posted on the SIG website in due course.

The survey is anonymous, unless you wish to provide us with your contact details in order for us to answer any questions you might have for the SIG Committee.

Please do take part in the 2015 Benefits Management Survey by Friday 11th December.

Posted on 4th Nov 2015
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