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APM Volunteering - ways to get involved webinar

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What does volunteering mean to you?

Enlist, offer, present oneself, chip in, sign up. These are exactly what volunteering is: a fantastic opportunity to step into a role which you may not be able to do otherwise, meet people you would not have met otherwise, think and discuss things that you would not have discussed otherwise!

Volunteering is a land of firsts if you want it to be!

  • If you think you do not have the experience, ignore that thought now
  • If you think you have not been with the APM long enough, ignore that thought now
  • If you have a passion for volunteering, do not ignore that thought
  • If you have a passion for the profession, do not ignore that thought.

The content of this webinar was chatting with the attendees on Wednesday 26 January about the many volunteering roles Ewelina has had so far with Association for Project Management, alongside a busy career.

Ewelina talked about:

  • How she presented myself in order to chip in
  • What her drivers and motivations were for volunteering
  • How she have benefited from making this investment
  • What opportunities are available to you.

As part of this she highlighted the option MAPM and FAPM holders have to join the Volunteers Steering Group.

An opportunity to join VSG comes around only once a year, so do not miss it.

APM's new strategy is soon to be launched, which makes this a perfect time for you to join a passionate and dedicated group of people eager to support the transformation.

Webinar resources

Ewelina has very kindly allowed her presented material to be made available for viewing. The webinar recording on YouTube are now available in our APM resources area and also embedded below for reference.


Ewelina Kruk is a Chartered Project Professional who began her employment journey at the age of 17. Between day one and the present Ewelina has re-invented her career. She made a jump between disciplines with the most significant shift from Retail to Construction sector under the cloud of an on-going recession at the time.

How? By following the self-set, researched, and observation based employability and marketability rules at the heart of which sits one fundamental objective: making the dream happen.

Ewelina is a passionate advocate of best practices, progressive project thinking, diversity in all aspects of project delivery. 

Her career in project management and construction began in 2013 and within 7 years Ewelina grew from an Assistant Project Manager to a Chartered Programme Manager delivering increasingly complex and geographically disbursed schemes. Her personal mission is focusing on challenging the norm and the status Quo taking a closer look on how projects are being delivered in all their aspects. 

Ewelina has first-hand experience of being a newcomer in a technically driven industry where she questioned common models always looking to provoke difficult conversations in order to embrace new ways of thinking.  Now keen to continue the conversation on a wider forum so that the insights and learnings from her own and other’s journeys can support all those inspired wanting to make a difference.  

Previous webinars can be viewed on the APM Slideshare and YouTube channels.

Follow @APMEvents for upcoming event information.

This event is suitable for professionals with any level of experience.

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Volunteering webinar series


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