Business case preparation including best practice for options, appraisal and benefits

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Posted by APM on 18th Jul 2010

Dr Charles Willbe of Project Doctors presented to the East of England branch in February 2010 on business case preparation.  During his presentation Charles spoke about The Green Book, in simple terms Charles explained that the book's aim is that we answer two challenges: are there better ways to achieve this objective? and are there better uses for these resources? The five business case model was also considered: the five cases being strategic, economic, financial, commercial and project management case. Charles talked about these elements in detail and analysed the issues surrounding these cases.

The options appraisal is when we ''do something silly'' or ''do what we want to do'' when what we really need to do is concentrate on the parameters and the span of options. Charles also focused on benefits and benefits cash flow.

In summary, he concluded that the five business case model is a good one whether or not you follow The Green Book. You should consider each aspect, adapt to your need and realise that options are not optional.

The presentation was warmly welcomed by the audience and created some interesting discussion.

Slides from Charles's presentation are available to download below.

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