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Do you have story to tell around Benefits Management or Portfolio Management?

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Posted by APM on 12th Oct 2013

Do you have story to tell around Benefits Management or Portfolio Management?

Can you share your organisation's experiences to help others?

The APM's Portfolio Management Specific Interest Group and Benefits Management SIG are planning a full day conference on Thursday 6th March 2014, in London, on the theme "Creating and sustaining an environment for success".

Would you be willing to speak about your and your organisation's experiences of introducing, embedding or sustaining Portfolio Management or Benefits Management in the form of a case study? We want to hear about the positive and negative experiences and the lessons learned.

If you think you will be able to help, please contact Stephen Parrett or Sarah Harries c/o Anna Grabham and we'll discuss topics; your assistance will be most appreciated and of course it's a chance to speak on a national platform.

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