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This new white paper produced by the APMs Earned Value SIG introduces a new dimension of Earned Value. It addresses the issue that is seen by some as the Achilles heel of Earned Value; the lack of a formal time-based calculation. In doing this, it enhances the Earned Value process and practice and does so without additional information or process burden. The concept, history, usage and benefits are covered along with a comparison of Earned Schedule to the classical Earned Value calculations and how they contribute towards making more informed decisions on your projects.

The paper can be downloaded below.

As a white paper this does not necessarily represent the views of APM and it designed to stimulate discussion and interest in the subject.

If you have any comments to make on this paper please join in the debate in the Earned Value SIG forum which you can access by clicking here. You will need to register for the website before taking part.

Posted on 9th Jun 2010
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