Maasai masterclass – assembly rooms Newcastle, 20 September 2017

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Chris Howe’s Maasai master class was not only about leadership, but perhaps more importantly, about how to run a project management office (PMO). He illustrated the bit that isn’t often taught – the importance of people. People make a project happen (or obstruct it); it’s a team of people who manage a project; and there are people in the PMO.

The “goat man” series 3 key themes that will make everybody’s project, and everybody’s PMO, run more smoothly: community; responsibility; and wisdom.
We pull together when we feel that we’re part of a community. The project manager would be wise to create a community around their project; and the PMO lead would be wise to create a community in the PMO.

We give of our best when we own something – when we’re responsible. If the senior keeps on taking it away and ‘putting it right’, or micromanaging, or getting detailed performance reports, then we lose ownership and are less committed.

And everybody has the wisdom to add. Howe quoted a Maasai proverb “young eyes may see the Lion first because old legs need longer to prepare to run”. Encourage the fresh eyes in your projects to give new insights, whilst also respect the experience of established members.


Posted on 4th Oct 2017
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