Stakeholder engagement resources for project managers webinar, 21 March 2017

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Posted by Catherine Bendell on 1st Mar 2017

“Stakeholder engagement needs to be a higher priority” was one of the key messages from this webinar from the Stakeholder Engagement Focus Group (SEFG), which is part of the APM People SIG. But as the presenters Ian Cribbes and Fran Bodley-Scott pointed out, it’s not that easy for project managers to find relevant guidance and tools to help.

The purpose of this webinar was to highlight the existence of the APM’s Stakeholder Engagement website where the SEFG is collating a suite of case studies, useful links and publications. The aim is to help practitioners by creating and building this central resource. As well as talking about the benefits of effective stakeholder engagement and the resources on the website, the presenters also provided a number of examples of how to approach different stakeholder-related situations and the sort of issues that project managers should take into consideration.

Call for case studies:

Another important message from the webinar was a request for case studies. To help the SEFG support other practitioners, project managers are encouraged to provide case studies about their stakeholder engagement experience, tips and recommendations. If you have a case study to share, use the template provided below and send it to:

Please click on the table below to download the document to view at your leisure. This presentation can also be viewed on Slideshare and Youtube.

Fran Bodley-Scott 

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