The six keys to project management

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Project/programme management is a team activity - The range of competencies is vast - The more complex the project the more necessary are the technical skills, just some of the headlines Graham Woodward covered in his presentation to an extremely interested and captivated audience which earned such comments as A good reminder of the basics that we all forget when wrapped up in the detail.

Graham took the opportunity of explaining the 6 keys to project management interjecting his own experience to highlight specific and important facts. Rather than make it construction based, he allowed his presentation to fit all aspect of project management which was relevant to all. Graham endorsed certain nuggets of project management particularly always do what you promised, what you have contracted to do, always do it on the date you have promised, try and do something extra to delight the client but remember it comes out of profit and, finally remember this contract is your best sales tool for the next task from this customer.

Grahams presentation can be viewed by clicking the link below and he has offered the presentation to other branches and chapters

Posted on 9th Dec 2010
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