What is the APM Project Professional Qualification (PPQ)?

The Project Professional Qualification (PPQ), developed by APM, the chartered body for the project profession, is an examination-based qualification that assesses your capability in delivering projects, programmes and portfolios.

Covering the core and specific competences project professionals require across all areas of the profession, PPQ is the most comprehensive assessment of professional project management capability available.


Who is this qualification for?

The APM Project Professional Qualification is aimed at any project professional either:

  • working in project, programme or portfolio management;
  • holding the APM Project Management Qualification or equivalent;
  • looking to become a Full Member of APM (MAPM);
  • looking to achieve the Chartered Project Professional (ChPP) standard via route 1.

Achieving the full APM Project Professional Qualification provides eligibility for APM membership and a recognised route to becoming a Chartered Project Professional (ChPP). 

Benefits of PPQ

  • Provides you with structured personal development to help advance your career.
  • Improves your chances when applying for new roles.
  • Enables you to engage more effectively and confidently with peers, clients and employers.
  • A recognised route to becoming a chartered Project Professional (ChPP).
  • Builds your professional status to help you stand out from the crowd.
  • The modular structure enables you to demonstrate your commitment to developing the best talent across your whole project management community.
  • Elective modules help you develop the right skills for the right roles.
  • Demonstrates your commitment to delivering successful projects, programmes and portfolios.
  • Investing in the people who deliver your projects, programmes and portfolios raises the profile and standard of project management within your organisation.

What is assessed?

To achieve the APM Project Professional Qualification, candidates are required to pass three core modules and one elective module. Each module is a three-hour examination consisting of four questions based on a specific scenario. 

Core modules
Module 1 Professionalism and managing others
Module 2 Planning and control
Module 3 Governance
Elective modules
Module 4 Project management
Module 5 Programme management
Module 6 Portfolio management

Each module has a syllabus that details the assessment criteria and learning outcome for each examination. The syllabuses provide the details of the learning outcomes and assessment criteria for each module.

The syllabuses are aligned to the APM Competence Framework 2nd edition and are based on the role profiles for project manager intermediate, programme manager intermediate, and portfolio manager intermediate.

However, the presentation of the content in the syllabus documents better reflects teaching approaches compared to the functional breakdown of the APM Competence Framework 2nd edition structure.


How can I develop my career?

To assist you in establishing your career path, APM, the chartered body for the project profession, has developed the APM Competence Framework, which describes APM's view of the competences necessary for effective project, programme and portfolio management and PMO in today's environment, and our view of the future needs of the profession.

  • Enables you to identify strengths and development needs to support your career progression.
  • Enables you to be better prepared for your next move.
  • Helps you identify the most relevant career route or qualification to best progress your career.
  • Provides you with clearly defined competences with outcome-focused performance indicators.
  • Provides a resource that can be used over a number of years to measure change in performance and experience.

Ensure you maintain your CPD log. Continuing professional development (CPD) is part of the APM FIVE Dimensions of Professionalism and is fundamental to today’s business environment. It ensures that you have a breadth of knowledge illustrating your commitment to lifelong learning in a rapidly changing environment.

APM expect professionals to undertake 35 hours of formal and informal professional development every year. This is a professional obligation to clients and employers. As a committed project professional you are responsible for your own CPD activities and you are expected to complete the required hours every year.

How can I study for this qualification?

Full details of the examination process can be found in the candidate guidance notes:

Guide for candidates

We have provided following example papers to assist candidates who wish to self-study:

Should you wish to undertake self-study, you will be able to sit individual modules at any of our four open examinations held throughout the year. You may apply for these using the qualifications application form.

APM Registered Project Professional

The APM Registered Project Professional (RPP) 2nd edition standard is APM, the chartered body for the project profession's, pan-sector standard that allows holders to demonstrate responsible leadership and the competencies necessary for effective project, programme or portfolio management. 

RPP robustly assesses all elements of the APM FIVE Dimensions Professionalism in a single standard. It raises the bar of project professionalism thereby enhancing professional status and recognition.

RPP 2nd edition has been aligned to the APM Competence Framework 2nd edition.

 The route to RPP

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