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Throughout the Covid19 period, the APM Governance SIG has remained active.  Good governance is even more prominent as organisations respond to the challenges of the pandemic, change ways of working and review strategic objectives and things previously taken for granted.

I mentioned in June that we had carried out a survey of directors and sponsors and analysed over 100 responses. Since then we completed a four part webinar series on the role of the sponsor. This consisted of:

  1. Sponsorship: how to enhance the role within the project profession
    (Detailed findings from the sponsor survey)
  2. The Executive Sponsor role - panel debate with senior leaders 
  3. The Delegated Sponsor role - panel debate with senior practitioners 
  4. Building support for sponsorship in the project profession
    Competence development and training of sponsors - panel debate with senior leaders 

The new committee was elected back in July and it is well on with setting out its business plan for the coming year. Potential core themes to be explored this year include:

  • Improving sponsorship (continuing)
  • Governance in a world of artificial intelligence
  • Leading / governance in extreme circumstances (e.g. Covid)
  • Governance of co-owned projects
  • Climate change and good governance
  • Governance of innovation

More anon as business plans become formalised. If you are inspired by any of these themes and want to support the working teams, please do get in touch – gopmsig@apm.co.uk

Additionally all our blogs on governance and sponsorship can be found on the APM site and on the Governance of Change Linkedin site. Also, our latest blog on holding project sponsors to account is available now on the APM Hub.

Martin Samphire

APM Governance SIG Chair


Posted on 30th Oct 2020
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