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APM Governance Specific Interest Group


Specific Interest Groups (SIGs) discuss particular aspects of project management to further understanding and good practice.

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About this SIG

Governance The framework of authority and accountability that defines and controls the outputs, outcomes and benefits from projects, programmes and portfolios.

The mechanism whereby the investing organisation exerts financial and technical control over the deployment of the work and the realisation of value.

Definition from APM Body of Knowledge 7th edition 

What is governance?

Welcome to the APM Governance Specific Interest Group (SIG) community.

The SIG was established in 2003. The stated purpose of the SIG is to:

  • be the UK focus for those interested in the governance of change/ project management;
  • advance the understanding of governance of project management;
  • contribute towards the development of good practice in the governance of change/project management;
  • influence national and international standard-making authorities to improve their impact on the governance of project management;
  • influence those responsible for the governance of project management to improve their practices;
  • develop its members as ambassadors and exemplars of excellent governance of project management.
  • the SIG has been extremely active and has published a series of well received guides (see below), and is also actively reaching out to board/senior executives of organisations, for example IOD, IIRC, as well as the APM membership, to influence them to adopt better governance practices.

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Featured resources

Directing Change322x193
Directing Change, 3rd edition

Written by experience change practitioners from APM’s Governance SIG, the guide is designed to help all those with governance roles, from boards of directors and sponsors to project managers and independent reviewers. 

Sponsoring Change322x193
Sponsoring Change, 2nd edition

Sponsoring Change 2nd edition provides essential guidance to sponsors of projects, helping users to deliver project outcomes more successfully.

Designed to be easily accessible to senior figures in a project-based organisation.

Governance Of Co Owned Projects322x193
Governance of Co-Owned Projects

Governance of Co-Owned Projects is a direct response to the challenge of managing projects in an increasingly interconnected world. 

Directing Agile Change322x193
Directing Agile Change

Divided into five main sections, the guide covers the main principles of agile governance, when to adopt an agile approach and, importantly, how to gain the most value from being agile. Also included are checklists to adopt and key questions to ask.

Upcoming conferences and events

APM Governance SIG Virtual Meetup - Life hacks on project governance Part 2

21 March 2024

How governance provided the guardrail that kept project delivery on track for success.

APM Governance SIG Virtual Meetup - Barriers to effective governance Part 2

9 May 2024

Understand from the participants what they see as key barriers to effective governance in their projects.

News by this SIG

The future of PMO, a conversation with PeopleCert webinar
Our PMOs continue to evolve, and with that evolution comes the importance of seeking out and understanding what the future holds for our PMO teams.
APM Governance SIG News Thumbnail 245X150
Celebrating 20 Years of the APM’s Governance Specific Interest Group
20 years since the Governance SIG started, its publications continue to focus on the interface between the world of projects and the world of corporate governance. Discount offered in November on their SIG publications.
APM Governance SIG News Thumbnail 245X150
Cracking the code of strategic misrepresentation: Revealing bias in project success webinar
Exploring why people misrepresent, and define a language for discussing misrepresentation. The content covered; 1.Conceptualise project success problems; 2.Understand strategic misrepresentation; 3.Learn about the behavioural drivers of strategic misrepresentation.
PMO's and the CxO webinar
A look at the roles and responsibilities of the CxO and the PMO, and the issues that arise that prevent the two working effectively together.
APM Governance SIG 500Px Outlined (1)
Unlocking project success: Addressing strategic misrepresentation to transform data-designed projects
Transformative success rates: Imagining successful data designed projects. A round table uncovering effective governance, strategic misrepresentation, and positive change.
Ibis News Placeholder
Transforming project success, exploring data enabled investment decisions webinar
The Governance SIG and PMO SIG held a webinar exploring data-enabled investment decisions to transform project success.

Blogs by this SIG

Gettyimages 1346975137
Insights from Life Hacks on Project Governance
Read on for some helpful tips and tricks from the speakers on how to be successful in project governance.
Gettyimages 1356070782
Governance failures are as much about people as policies
It has been 20 years since the APM Governance Specific Interest Group (SIG) was founded, and nearly as long since the publication of the first edition of APM’s Directing Change: A guide to the governance of project management.
Shutterstock 669226057
Three reasons project success rates haven’t increased in the past 70 years
How can the project profession so rich in knowledge, experience and capability continue to make the same mistakes? Here are three reasons.
Gettyimages 1142994736
We must seek to understand how AI can improve (not replace) the project profession
Artificial Intelligence can improve the project profession and it's here to stay and help project managers deliver better
Shutterstock 583086079
Thinking beyond a project to bring sustainable value to society
Project professionals need to consider delivering a legacy to help the Levelling Up agenda and wider sustainability goals.
Shutterstock 1791564398
Good governance enables successful projects, so why don’t we apply good practice consistently?
Projects need good governance to succeed but often gets missed. Martin shares why good governance gets left behind and how we can apply it better.

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