What is scheduling in project management?


A schedule is a timetable showing the forecast start and finish dates for activities or events within a project, programme or portfolio. 

Time scheduling is a collection of techniques used to develop and present schedules that show when work will be performed. The results of all these techniques are usually presented using as activities or bars on a timeline, known as a Gantt chart.

Definition from APM Body of Knowledge 7th edition  📖

Critical path

The critical path approach places emphasis on the activities in a project and understanding the shortest time to complete all activities in a logical order. It is a sequence of activities through a precedence network from start to finish, the sum of whose durations determines the overall duration.

Critical path analysis is an activity- based scheduling technique that determines the overall duration of the identified work based on estimates and logical dependencies.

It is the method of determining the critical path. Critical path analysis is almost exclusively performed using desktop scheduling software, although it is a key skill for project professionals to understand how this is done so they can verify that the project schedule is built on complete and defensible logic.

Critical chain

The critical chain is resource based approach to scheduling, useful when time is critical. It is derived from the critical path that protects critical chains of activities with buffers. The critical chain approach attempts to keep resources at a constant utilisation, avoiding common working practices such as:

  • multitasking between activities;
  • not starting planned work at the earliest start date and committing time until it is finished.

Both these practices result in any float (time contingency) in the estimate being lost to the overall project.

APM Body of Knowledge 7th edition

You can learn more about scheduling in chapter four of the APM Body of Knowledge 7th edition.

The APM Body of Knowledge 7th edition is a foundational resource providing the concepts, functions and activities that make up professional project management. It reflects the developing profession, recognising project-based working at all levels, and across all sectors for influencers, decision makers, project professionals and their teams.

The seventh edition continues in the spirit of previous editions, collaborating with the project community to create a foundation for the successful delivery of projects, programmes and portfolios.

APM Body of Knowledge


Planning, Scheduling, Monitoring and Control

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