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Find out more about projects in various sectors and industries, from lessons learnt, to award winning projects and a look into the future of project management.  (🔒) Indicates member only content. Not a member? Join today

Case study - How agile helped deliver OLIO’s food sustainably app (🔒) 

Case study - How to make reforestation projects pay (🔒)

Case study - Social value and traditional construction (🔒)

Case study - How virtual workplaces have helped the NHS collaborate (🔒)

Case study - Projecting the Future: How PushFar digitised mentoring programmes (🔒)

Case study - How Stage One project manages crazy displays – from giant teacakes to TV sets

Case study - Three common traits of successful NHS tech projects (🔒)

Case study - Smart City OS - Hull’s journey to becoming a programmable city

Case study - South Korea lays out the blueprint for smart city projects (🔒)

Case study - Project focus - how ‘digital twins’ delivered better infrastructure in Chengdu and Porto

Case study - Triangulum - Manchester moves towards smart zero carbon (🔒)

Case Study - Flourish, planning for a connected and autonomous future

Case Study - How a ‘stakeholder-first’ AI implementation gave doctors more time for patients (🔒)

Case Study - How Portsmouth council used systems thinking to deliver a better service and reduce costs

Case Study - Gobeyond Partners, Humans at the heart of transformation

Case Study – The Furniture Recycling Group, campaigning for a circular economy

Case Study - Carillion - From hindsight to foresight (🔒)

Case Study - Using data analytics to improve project outcomes (🔒)

Case Study - Becoming agile (🔒)

Case Study - NEC3, Magnox nuclear power station decommissioning

Case Study - NEC3, Crossrail

Case Study - NEC3, London 2012 Olympic Velodrome

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