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APM PMO Specific Interest Group


Specific Interest Groups (SIGs) discuss particular aspects of project management to further understanding and good practice.

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About this SIG

Project (programme or portfolio) management office (PMO) An organisational structure that provides support for projects, programmes and/or portfolios.

Definition from APM Body of Knowledge 7th edition

What is a PMO?

What is portfolio management?

The APM PMO SIG provide a forum for PMO professionals to meet and discuss matters of mutual importance and to create knowledge to be shared across the PMO community. We welcome membership from across the whole PPM community. This includes:

  • PMO practitioners, defined as people who enable, support and ensure the management of change in organisations
  • Project and programme managers who would like to learn how to leverage their own PMOs to improve their project delivery
  • Those who need to know more about PMO and its benefits, practices, tools and techniques
  • People in leadership positions who need to understand the potential benefits of the PMO approach
  • People in organisations who are tasked with performing the ‘bridge’ function between strategy and delivery, either in a portfolio setting or in various dispersed units throughout the organisation.

Our aim is to provide a collaborative open forum for PMO practitioners, and anyone with an interest in the role of PMOs, to get together, share ideas, offer support and advice to the PMO community, and to create valuable practice-oriented knowledge, which helps drive the PMO profession forward.

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News by this SIG

From SIGs to networks - PMO
Becoming an Interest Network will lead to better alignment with the APMs five dimensions of professionalism
The future of PMO, a conversation with PeopleCert webinar
Our PMOs continue to evolve, and with that evolution comes the importance of seeking out and understanding what the future holds for our PMO teams.
PMO's and the CxO webinar
A look at the roles and responsibilities of the CxO and the PMO, and the issues that arise that prevent the two working effectively together.
Presenting to Department for International Trade
Presented our current activities, highlighting our recent poll "How did you get into PMO?", PMO journeys and the need for PMO specific training courses.
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Transforming project success, exploring data enabled investment decisions webinar
The Governance SIG and PMO SIG held a webinar exploring data-enabled investment decisions to transform project success.
PMO wisdom interview with Moffitt Cancer Center, Winter 2022
The full recording of this conversation with Catherine from Moffitt Cancer Center has now been published. Catherine explains how their PMO supports Moffitt be at the very forefront of cancer centers worldwide. The archive of PMO wisdom interviews can be heard from the APM PMO SIG microsite page.

Blogs by this SIG

Gettyimages 1214527751
The diversity, equality and inclusion benefits of a virtual programme management office
The virtual programme management office (VPMO) offers significant benefits related to diversity, equality, and inclusion. This ChatGPT-authored blog outlines the significant benefits of VPMO and offers a glimpse of how AI can support PMOs in future.
Gettyimages 827810724
How do you get to work in a PMO?
The majority of PMO professionals have had a career change or have experience as a project and/or programme manager. This suggests that PMO roles are not the obvious route when starting out in the change industry. 
Shutterstock 644345743
Answering the most urgent and frequent PMO questions
Answering the most urgent and frequently asked PMO questions with the PMO Specific Interest Group
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Revisiting the basics of PMO
We got back to the basics of PMO and share some of the key points you need to know for successful PMO.
PMOs and resilience in a post-COVID world
Getting back to our lives and work can be a difficult task, PMO teams must be mindful that there's no right way to bring people back to the office, if at all.
Membership Hero 2
Take your chance to drive the PMO industry forward
From organisations questioning the need for a PMO, right up to our current reality where PMOs have been the light in the midst of chaos to enable beneficial change to happen for organisations during an unprecedented time. Over the years, the APM PMO SIG has been instrumental in driving the PMO industry forward.

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