Festival of Education and Research

Festival of education and research 2023 - Judges' Recruitment open

We’re committed to recognising excellence in project management academia, education and research. That’s why we created the Festival of Education and Research, an educational conference and celebratory awards ceremony rolled into one big day for the project community.  

We are now recruiting judges for our 2023 Festival of Education and Research Awards. If you are interested in giving something back to the profession, and meet the criteria, why not apply? 

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Eligibility What it takes to be a judge

It is important to APM to ensure the entries for the Education and Research Awards are scrutinised and judged by well respected, professionals with the relevant level and type of experience. To ensure the judging panels for each category fit this description, an eligibility policy will be applied to judge applications. Judges will be selected based not only on their eligibility to judge but also their suitability to the category they are applying to judge. Judges must hold one or more of the following:   

  • Be a full-time project management academic, researcher or practitioner with at least five years’ experience in working within the project profession.   
  • Hold Chartered Project Professional (ChPP) status   
  • Hold an up to date Fellowship of APM (FAPM)   
  • Hold an up to date Membership of APM (MAPM)

Judges code of conduct    Apply now

Categories eligible for judging 

  • Project Management Apprentice of the Year 
  • Project Management Graduate of the Year 
  • Project Management Postgraduate of the Year 
  • Project Management Doctorate of the Year 
  • Project Management Educator of the Year 
  • Research Paper of the Year 
  • Developmental Programme of the Year 

Festival timeline 

14th July 2022 – Judges’ recruitment open 

10th October 2022 – Entries open & Judges' recruitment closes 

10th November 2022 – Entries closes 

16th January 2023– Finalists announced 

8th February 2023 – Festival of Education & Research begins 

9th February 2023 – Winners announced 

Read about our 2022 winners

FE&R 2022 Winners

APM Project Management Apprentice of the Year 2022 

Charlotte Bethell 

Charlotte is an exceptional project professional who completed her project management degree apprenticeship in September 2021. Throughout her apprenticeship Charlotte has embraced all development opportunities, working tirelessly to promote STEM careers and recruitment into the nuclear industry, as well as leading on Sellafield Ltd's response to a national charity appeal. Nothing is too much trouble for Charlotte; whether it is her academic studies or extra-curricular activities, she works hard and consistently achieves exceptional results. Within Sellafield Ltd, she is recognised as a committed professional who can always be relied upon. 


APM Project Management Developmental Programme of Year 2022 

Project Controls Solutions 

Project Controls Solutions is delighted to submit our Academic Certificate in Project Controls for the APM Festival of Education and Research Developmental Programme of the year award. Our certificate programme was developed at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, to support our profession in addressing the skills shortage in Project Management and Project Controls. The programme, led by industry experts with over 20 years’ experience, provides holistic project controls training that furnishes companies and individuals with the necessary technical, behavioural and contextual skills to allow them to think critically, conduct rigorous analysis and generate recommendations to support successful project delivery. 


APM Project Management Doctorate of the Year 2022 

Marcos Fuentes 

Research shows that many projects fail to meet mandatory objectives and ultimately to accomplish the project vision and value in the long-term. The thesis is focused on how to co-create value for the long-term from the planning stage and throughout the development cycle. The thesis originally established 8 ways to co-create value. In addition to this, the thesis provides 4 key mechanisms to structure the organisation and allow the co-creation of value at the project level. The thesis originally focuses on achieving wider sustainable value such as social, environmental, experiential, and emotional elements beyond traditional short-term criteria: time and cost. 


APM Project Management Educator of the Year 2022 

Luca Sabini 

In the role of Lecturer in Project Management I realized the importance and challenges to properly create a learning environment for all students and of carefully design curricula. In this role I have been cultivating students’ engagement (connect academic curricula with practitioner’s world), improving the overall students’ experience (with adoption of innovative teaching methodologies), and innovating curriculum contents (delivering research informed teaching). 


APM Project Management Graduate of the Year 2022 

Erika Graham-Jones 

Erika is an outstanding graduate and future project manager who works on complex projects in the nuclear industry. Whilst at university, Erika saw an opportunity to focus on an area which had not been researched before – dyslexia and neurodiversity in project management. Her work on these topics has received commendation and support from across the Sellafield enterprise and there is now a strategy and support group in place to help people. Erika’s approach shows she is unafraid to challenge the status quo and her work has highlighted important challenges currently experienced in the sector. 


APM Project Management Research Paper of the Year 2022 

What are the causes of poor megaproject performance? A systemic literature review and research agenda by Dr. Juliano Denicol, Prof. Andrew Davies & Dr. Ilias Krystallis from University College London.  

This systematic literature review explores the megaproject management literature and contributes by improving our understanding of the causes and cures of poor megaproject performance. The review analyses 6,007 titles and abstracts and 86 full papers, identifying a total of 18 causes and 54 cures to address poor megaproject performance. We suggest five avenues for future research that should consider examining megaprojects as large-scale, inter-organisational production systems: (1) designing the system architecture; (2) bridging the gap with manufacturing; (3) building and leading collaborations; (4) engaging institutions and communities; and (5) decomposing and integrating the supply chain. 


APM Project Management Postgraduate Dissertation of the Year 2022 

Jennifer Piehlmaier 

Jennifer’s dissertation was an experimental investigation of prioritisation methods in agile projects and their impact on the perceived customer value of a product. Judges described this as a highly significant study which offered thought-provoking insights of relevance to the project profession. They were impressed by the highly sophisticated research techniques and controls used to arrive at the study’s findings, making it a stand-out winner in this category.  


APM Project Management Student of the Year 2022 

Anujan Metheus Anandarajan 

Project completed in collaboration with Coventry City Council with the purpose of promoting environmentally friendly transport solutions by installing more rapid charging units in Coventry and most importantly contributing to the local strategic infrastructure program to support UK Government's ‘Road to Zero’ Strategy. 

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