Roy Millard

After leaving college in 1983 with a degree in Applied Physics, Roy joined Racal Electronics as a graduate engineer developing radio communications systems. During his time there he worked as a design engineer, risk manager and project manager on a number of major projects including IRIS for the Canadian DND, BOWMAN for the UK MoD, and CONNECT for London Underground.

Roy joined the new Transport for London (TfL) organisation’s senior management team in 2002 to set up an internal audit function for its huge Investment programme – initially providing the only source of consistent assurance over project, programme and portfolio management.

Roy currently has responsibility for auditing TfL’s investment programme, as well as all of TfL’s commercial activities while looking after the health, safety, environmental and technical audit.

After successfully introducing assurance around projects and developing approaches that worked at TfL, Roy founded the APM Assurance Specific Interest Group (SIG) in 2007. He wanted to work with others to do the same for the profession generally and has been its chairman ever since.

Two notable successes in integrating assurance from a range of providers into a consolidated approach have been setting up the Crossrail Integrated Assurance Group (comprising TfL, Crossrail, DfT, NAO, ORR and the Cabinet Office) and publication of the APM’s A Guide to Integrated Assurance in 2014.

Roy is chairman of the APM Audit & Governance Committee where the introduction of an internal audit function in 2012 provided a step-change improvement in assurance provision.

He is a Fellow of APM and a full Member of the IET with a BSc (Hons) degree and a Post-Graduate Diploma in Management Studies (DMS).

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