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APM Competence Framework - Overview

Make sure to have our ratings chart on hand to help you assess against each competence. Select a competence below to read more.

Setting up for success

The ability to structure and organise change initiatives.

The ability to establish and maintain governance structures that define control of deployment for delivery of change initiatives, and that align with organisational practice.

The ability to balance the environmental, social, economic and administrative considerations that will impact a change initiative.

The ability to enable financial resource for delivery and to plan and control the finances of change initiatives, as part of the organisation’s overall financial management, to ensure optimisation of the business case.

The ability to prepare, gain approval of, refine and update business cases that justify the initiation, investment and/or continuation of change initiatives in terms of benefits, costs and risks.

The ability to set up portfolios to ensure efficient delivery of strategic objectives.

Preparing for change

The ability to secure the provision of resources, choosing strategies for obtaining best value from supply chains.

The ability to manage progression through the life cycle of a change initiative.

The ability to provide confidence to the governance board that a change initiative is on track to deliver the objectives and intended value.

The ability to assess organisational maturity in relation to a change initiative and the wider organisation.

The ability to manage the integration of the outputs of a change initiative into business-as-usual (BAU), ensuring that outputs enable delivery of the intended value.

The ability to identify and agree the benefits and determine how they will be measured, monitored and managed throughout a change initiative until they are realised.

People and behaviours

The ability to work with people, both internally and externally, to build support to achieve intended outcomes.

The ability to identify, address and resolve differences between individuals and/or interest groups.

The ability to empower and inspire others to deliver successful change initiatives by providing vision, direction, feedback and support, so that people can do their best work.

The ability to select, develop and manage individuals to create and sustain teams.

The ability to build and maintain an inclusive environment that embraces a diverse culture.

The ability to embody, promote and maintain a trusted profession and to navigate the cultural, legal and regulatory environment.

Planning and managing deployment

The ability to prepare and maintain definitions of the requirements of change initiatives.

The ability to determine the optimal solution to satisfy agreed requirements.

The ability to ensure that outputs are delivered in accordance with requirements.

The ability to take forward the definition of outputs into detailed planning, incorporating multiple areas into the integrated project management plan.

The ability to undertake time-based planning with an emphasis on activities and resource.

The ability to acquire and deploy internal and external resources.

The ability to plan resource needs in line with the strategic direction of the organisation to ensure that resource utilisation is maintained at an appropriate level for optimal efficiency.

The ability to develop and agree budgets for change initiatives and understanding where costs fall over time.

The ability to monitor and manage supplier performance.

The ability to identify and monitor risks (threats and opportunities); to plan and implement responses to those risks, and respond to issues that affect a change initiative.

The ability to manage variations and change requests in a controlled way.